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Simplicity offers us truths that are easy to understand. Going uphill is simple – putting one foot in front of the other and exerting yourself. That’s why summiting a mountain is so worthwhile – because at the top it is so clear that you can’t go any higher and you’ve completed the task. You’ve gone all the way. If there were another step you would take it, but there isn’t, so you can call it a job well done. The mountain and your guides will show you how strong you are, and you will be impressed with yourself and those around you. Doing something as momentous as summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro with others will bring you closer to them. They will invest in your success and you will invest in theirs. Seeing your group succeed will reward you more than your own success.

parent + child climb

JULY 17-26, 2020

COST: $5,900 per person

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adult climb + safari

AUGUST 14-26, 2020

COST: $9,500 per person

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